Images: Top 12 Bollywood Celebrity Homes You Never Wanted to Avoid !!

Images: Top 12 Bollywood Celebrity Homes You Never Wanted to Avoid !!

Do you want to see your favorite Bollywood star’s homes? If yes then today we brought some useful info for you about the top 12 Bollywood celebrity’s homes. We all are curious to know about their personal house details because we all want to know about their real lifestyle and how do they live?

1. Aamir Khan

source: wonderful mumbai

This building is Aamir Khan’s house where he lives with his family. Aamir is also known as Mr. Perfectionist and this perfect guy lives here with his wife Kiran and son Azad. This is a 5,000 sq feet apartment in Bella Vista Apartments in Bandra.

2. Rajesh Khanna

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Rajesh Khanna who is no more but this Babu Moshay was one of the most famous and talented Bollywood actors who made his star image on his own by his mind-blowing acting. Because today we are discussing all celebrities home details that’s why we cannot leave his house. This house of Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Khanna.

3. Ahskay Kumar

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Akshay Kumar is an Indian Bollywood star who is also known as Mr. Khiladi and this is his house which is situated in Mumbai. The Khiladi’s beach-facing villa has quite the history to it.

4. Anil Kapoor

source: rediff

Anil Kapoor is an Indian Bollywood and Hollywood actor who is also known as Mr. India after doing role of Mr. Indian in Bollywood Super hit film Mr. India. This is his house which is Juhu bungalow.

5. Farhan Akhtar

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Farhan Akhtar is an Indian Bollywood film actor, writer, producer and director. He has an awesome sprawling bungalow, Vipassana, is spread across 10,000 sq feet in Bandra.

6. Salman Khan

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Salman Khan is an Indian Bollywood star who is also known as Bhai Jaan. He has Galaxy Apartments since the last four decades with his extended family. His house is one of the most beautiful properties in Mumbai.

7. Hema Malini

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Hema Malini is also known as Dreamgirl who is the wife of Bollywood star Dharmendra. She has a bungalow in Juhu which is a lovely green patch in the heart of the city. This house’s architecture was given by ZZ Architects.

8. Ranbir Kapoor

source: filmibeat

Ranbir Kapoor’s home has more green trees and plants and he loves to see nature in his around. His home is in Mumbai and looks very beautiful.

9. Shah Rukh Khan

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One of the most chocolaty boy and romantic actor of Bollywood who is also known as King Khan. He has very beautiful house in Mumbai named Mannat. his home Mannat is a paradise of luxury.

10. Amitabh Bachchan

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Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most famous personalities in this world who is also known as Big B and Shahenshah. His home original sprawling mansion Prateeksha is known for its lush green lawns.

11. Rekha

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Rekha’s home which is situated in Bandra. This is protected by massive bamboo walls that make it almost impossible for a bystander to catch a glimpse of what’s happening inside.

12. Saif Ali Khan

source: commonfloor

Saif Ali Khan is an Indian Bollywood film star who has given many hit films such as Race, Race 2, etc. He has a beautiful house in Mumbai. He and his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan lives in Fortune Heights in Bandra.